colesrehab asked:

I really appreciate the post about Malcolm and climate in areas of extreme heat. Still might not get a husky in Central texas though...

lolrenaynay answered:

If you expect to leave the husky outside in the heat, absolutely not. I wouldn’t do that to ANY dog, that has nothing to do with the breed. But if you have central A/C and shaded/indoor parks for him/her to run around, then I don’t see the issue.

Malcolm grew up in Colorado. Most people think Colorado is just nonstop snow, and they’re wrong, because summers average about 90-100 degrees. We kept our central A/C on for him, made sure to get his undercoat groomed out (which we would do regardless of where we lived, that’s basic husky maintenance), and when we took him outside, we kept a portable water bottle with us and made sure we went to lots of shaded places. We also never took him out at peak hours, we waited until the sun was lower and less hot, but again, we would have done that with any dog. 

People think Husky’s can only live in fucking Alaska pulling sleds or some shit, but they don’t. People also think Husky’s can’t get along with cats. They’re so dumb.